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What is the need of ETL tool?

To consolidate the data from different source to one place the concept of Data warehouse came into picture.

Consider for an origination where his different department data is managed in different system like HR department data of company is running in Oracle Application, Finance running in SAP, Supply chain data is in Mainframe, some data is stored in Oracle, SQL, VSAM file.

First approach, to generate the report, run reports on different system and consolidates to get one single report.

Second approach, fetch the dat....                           Click For More...


What is Informatica?

Informatica is a powerful ETL tool. Its support all type of Extraction, Transformation and Load(ETL) activity.

Informatica has got a simple visual interface, user can use any type of source (Dtatabase table-Oracle,Teradata,MySQL,MSSQL,Sybase,DB2, File –Cobole Files,XML files,Flat file etc) to extract data, use the inbuilt transformation to transform the data and load the data in any of the desired format like Database tables , files etc. These process flow diagram are known as mappings.

Once Mapping is made, user can cr....                           Click For More...


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